When I set out to write A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare I intended to compile a book on information to equip myself and others in Spiritual Warfare. When I wrote the book in Spring 2009, not a lot of good books were available on the market to assist deliverance ministers on expelling demons and house blessings. There were a few mainstay books by Frank Hammond, Neil Anderson, Noel and Phyl Gibson, and Alice Smith. Other books were coming out by conference speakers, but these were dictated rehashes of the aforementioned books, on their digital recorders for a ghost writer to produce. This was a frustration I found quite frequently. From the out set of the project, I intended to produce A Field Guide for Spiritual Warfare ministers. I encountered a lot of frustrations, most pastors had casted out at least one demon in their career. But no one I spoke with in the beginning clearly understood supernatural warfare. For a pastor, they understand two basic roads, theophostics or Bondage Breakers. Pastors weren't seeing what we were encountering. There was and still is a huge chasm in the church today of what it understands about deliverance ministry and exorcism. Sadly, a well equipped church, is only capable of low level deliverance ministry. The church doesn't know how to stand in its spiritual authority. You can have books on how to route demons, but if you don't know you're spiritual authority you won't be routing demons ANYWHERE. Learn from the teacher who equips the saints and pastors how to walk in their spiritual authority.

This is the book my ministry hands out to the people we are working with, whether demonic activity, curse breaking, or house blessing. People are surprised we use our OWN book. I always get a kick out of when a person comes to the office, gets set free by prayers in the book, and then realizes that's my face on the back jacket. "Wow! You wrote this? Where did you learn this?"

A Civil War Masquerading Spirit tormented a toddler's room
Hi. I used the FG2SW house blessing to drive out a civil war spirit that was haunting my toddler. I blessed some oil and every room, door, window, closet, the fence, and other markers in the yard. We have not had an incident or 'felt' anything since. We still pray over both of them nightly to be vigilant along with our normal routine. With a 2 year-old it has to be routine. - R

Mom Stands in Spiritual Authority Over Demon in Home
I want to say Thank You!! I purchased your book on Spiritial Wafare on Apples' website in order to get assistance with a matter at home. A demonic presence has been harrasing my son while he is in his room and I have been praying for this to leave...only to have it return within weeks. Right in the middle of reading your book, God told called me to Him...to give myself to Christ & I did - right then and there! The next morning, I officially went to my local Christian Church and gave myself to Christ. I felt such urgency, that I didn't even have time to take a shower. I just jumped up, brushed my teeth, got dressed and rushed over to church. I said to myself "I may not have a clean body, but at least I'll have a clean spirit". I invited my son to church and he will be coming with me next week. God willing, he'll give himself to Christ too. I ask that you say a prayer for us. I will be praying and blessing the house, and praying over my son,,,as your book instructs. I know this will flee our home, with the power of the Holy Spirit, but could always use your prayers. - Prayer Warrior Mom ...and yes the spirit left!

Camp Director Gets Equipped in Spiritual Warfare and Healing
hi. I am from Auckland, New Zealand. For the past three school holiday breaks I have been a director of a children's Christian camp. I would just like to thank you Michael Norton for your book called 'A field guide to spiritual warfare.' It has been a huge eye opener, and help in the past camp that I have recently directed. God turned up like a tsunami and we had children turning to God, performing healings in the name of Jesus (hardly needed a camp nurse) and had God deliver leaders, campers and staff who needed deliverance. God blessed me during this time by working through me and another woman for these deliverance's. God has developed a hungry in me for this tangible workings of his Spirit. I would love the opportunity to be able to come and help out with Night Strike and learn some more from your ministries. I feel it is something that God has placed on my heart. Would love to hear back from you. Many blessings - A from New Zealand

Get equipped by the person large church pastors call. M16 Ministries literally is a world spiritual incident response team.