A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare
Back in 2008, M16 Ministries was being called to deal with supernatural events. What Michael Norton and his ministers noticed first hand was the lack of good information available to Christians in moving in the supernatural.

During this time Michael was a street minister for San Francisco Night Strike and was encountering spiritual activity in the people he was meeting on the streets. Michael clearly understood by these encounters that God was raising him up for spiritual warfare.

Michael and his team discovered that Christian publishing was full of books on deliverance ministry, but there were very few books that were helpful in equipping the real spiritual warfare ministers to go beyond low level demonic deliverance and basic curse breaking.

During this time too, M16 Ministries, was working with people and families, in supernatural situations where children or someone in a house was being oppressed by demonic spirits. M16 Ministries needed material to handout to their clients to help them stand in their own spiritual authority during demonic attacks. It was at this juncture that Michael decided he needed a book he could use for his ministry. A book that would actually help people who were involved in demonic battles their pastors couldn't assist them with. This book equips the reader to fight back in a battle they are fighting alone. Where the church doesn't understand to help.

We are receiving testimony after testimony that states, finally someone gets it! A book that can really be used in warfare. Which is why we called the book "A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare"!
Whether you are a street minister, dealing with spiritual activity in the streets, or you are beginning to move in spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry, or you're stuck in living through a paranormal nightmare, this is the utlimate guide available today. Learn to take your life and your home back from forces you can't see!

You're going to love this book. It's packed with M16 Minsitries own testimonies. It's our stories and our equipping from the people who are truly on the front lines of battle in spiritual warfare and the occult. This is the guide that will move you beyond the basic Bondage Breakers low level demonic deliverance ministry.

Rev. Michael Norton exorcist, author, and co-founder of M16 Ministries

Chapters and Appendices

Chapter 1 Against the Forces of Evil in Heavenly Realms
Chapter 2 In the Beginning Was Jesus
Chapter 3 Authority in Christ
Chapter 4 Exorcism and Deliverance
Chapter 5 Listening in on Heaven’s Will
Chapter 6 Hauntings—Evicting Demonic Spirits
Chapter 7 The Miracle of a Repenting Heart
Chapter 8 Witchcraft and Voodoo
Chapter 9 Nightmares and Things That Go Bump in the Night
Chapter 10 Casting Out Demons
Chapter 11 Generational Curses
Chapter 12 Sexually Transmitted Demons
Chapter 13 Prophetic Evangelism and Deliverance Prayer Ministry
Chapter 14 Establishing a Beachhead: House Blessing
Appendix A Salvation Prayer
Appendix B Baptism of the Holy Spirit Prayer
Appendix C Forgiveness Prayer
Appendix D Prayer for Breaking Generational Curses

Chapter 10 - Casting Out Demons Sample Excerpt

There is no real way of telling if a demon is truly gone without using the gifts of the Spirit. This takes training and practical application prayer sessions to develop this skill. Most of all, it requires a deep-rooted relationship with Jesus. I have taken people on the streets with me who had all sorts of black belts in deliverance, yet could not sense a demonic presence sitting right in front of them.

I am not boasting here; I want to make a point that you need the Holy Spirit to reveal the unknown. Faith comes by hearing. I sharpened my discernment of spirits by working both on the streets and inside prayer meetings. The feelings are now a reflex by which I can determine if I am in the presence of something evil. Ironically, I have seen psychics in ghost-hunting shows mention some of these feelings; they describe them as a gift. Yes it is a gift from God; but satan hijacked their gift.

In some instances, I have seen people channel demons because they thought they were spiritually gifted psychics. They were not channeling spirits; they were in the process of becoming fully demonically oppressed. Quite a few of them are believers. A religious spirit told them not to go church because they don’t need to go.

This is a common trend with religious spirits; they tell people in church that the pastor is evil or practicing witchcraft. My advice to these people is that they need to get plugged into a church right away and get help in their fight. What often happens is that these people become so besieged by religious spirits that they stop contacting M16 and opt to quietly endure lives of oppression. I have a long list of people like this for whom I pray continually. They need breakthrough and they need to get back to Jesus.

Remember: deliverance prayer ministry is one of patience and no agenda. It’s about free will and timing. If you are a time management control freak you should consider something other than deliverance ministry.

I believe any Christian can cast out a demon if they know their authority. However, if you’re going into deliverance ministry, take the time to get equipped. There’s an old cowboy saying that says, If you’re talking, you ain’t learning. Be willing to take instruction and correction as you enter this ministry. Mentoring is imperative. My mentors help me work in the prophetic, in dream interpretation, and in spiritual warfare. I meet with different prayer groups run by people I trust. By working with them and learning from them, I have earned their respect in operating in the gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has trained me a great deal, but there are times when practical field application is necessary. That comes through street evangelism. Yes, you need to pursue the gifts and push to breakthrough and use them. How do you do this? Through lots of prayer with Father—a two-way conversation in which He speaks and you learn to listen.

It is so frustrating to me that Christians find it easy to say that God doesn’t speak. That is not so! Go somewhere quiet and get into a two-way conversation with God. You will hear Him speak, if you are willing to listen.

Again, your equipping comes in large part from practical experience. There are deliverance teams all over now. Make sure you connect with an ethical team—one that does not videotape or make sound recordings of their sessions. Everything is personal and kept confidential for the sake of the person receiving prayer. What happens in deliverance prayer session stays in deliverance prayer sessions. It doesn’t belong on youtube.com and it shouldn’t be recorded on your cell phone. This is true whether you are ministering in church or on the streets; it’s personal one-on-one time. You are helping God’s people, His children, His sons and daughters.

Examine the ethics of the team and the minister before you join. Are the people who seek help being physically or verbally abused? That’s a red flag right there. The Holy Spirit doesn’t abuse; He invades with His peace. No one should be held down or yelled at.

Chapter 14 - House Blessing Ssample Excerpt

The most exciting and rewarding part of M16 Ministries is witnessing firsthand the glory of God and the demolishing of the strongholds of darkness.

A perfect example comes from a case I mentioned in Chapter 13. It is the story of a Christian woman named Grace who lives on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Grace requested the assistance of M16 Ministries because she suffered violent, nightly demonic attacks for more than 20 years.

The cause of Grace’s unrest was two witches on the island. They were trying to take her husband away from her in a strange and twisted love triangle. Grace’s husband had extra-marital relationships with the witches, of which Grace was unaware. The sexual activity from the affairs made Grace the reluctant recipient of soul ties from her husband’s secret promiscuity.

The soul ties passed on to Grace through her husband afforded the witches’ demons supernatural access to Grace. As a result, Grace started experiencing demonic torments at night. Grace explained that she had nearly permanent black circles under her eyes from the decades of unrest and little sleep. She said that when the demons manifested, she could hear them making horrible noises on her roof. Then they would physically manifest in the form of the witches. The demons would speak curses over her, choke her, and beat her. Grace said the demons would try to push her out of her body and make her float off. But Grace said she would always fight and resist the demons. The demons never woke up her husband; therefore anything Grace might say about the nightly attacks would only make her sound crazy.

During the day, the witches would leave articles of witchcraft (limes and frogs) around Grace’s home. The witches would also go as far as to make phone calls to harass Grace. On one occasion, Grace attacked one of the witches’ familiar spirits that manifested into a frog. The frog leaped off and let out a laugh. That evening, the witch retaliated as a manifested demon and beat Grace in her bed.

After 20 years of torment, Grace found M16 Ministries through a divine appointment on the Internet. Grace said she had enough of the torment and needed intervention and a lot of prayer. Our ministry was unfamiliar with many of the symbols of Caribbean witchcraft. This wasn’t a hindrance, however, since all the powers of darkness come from the created being satan, and all the power of creation of the universe comes from Jesus. I just needed to start speaking with Jesus.

The first objective in going on the offensive in this battle was to establish a beachhead. A beachhead is a military term; it involves the occupation of a hostile beach by a friendly army in order to accommodate the landing of more friendly troops. M16 Ministries needed Grace’s house to be blessed so that we could secure the landing of the M16 intercessors’ prayers and heavenly warring angels. That is what I mean by establishing our beachhead; we do it by blessing the person’s home.

I e-mailed Grace instructions on how to bless her home. I also requested that she surround herself with prayer and have a couple of sisters from her church help her in her battle. This was how we established a beachhead in St. Lucia. Once I received confirmation that Grace blessed her house and had a small prayer team on hand, I moved the fight into the offensive realm; I released the M16 intercessor prayer ministry into the fight. The intercessors prayed for the witches’ salvation and for them to have a Jesus encounter. Remember: hate the sin and love the sinner.

We prayed to bring the witches into the Body of Christ. We also prayed for the assignments of the demons to be cancelled. Several weeks later, I received an exciting testimony from Grace. She said she was now sleeping well and and the permanent black circles under eyes were almost completely gone! Glory to God!