Michael Norton is the author of A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare which was published by Destiny Image in 2010. Michael Norton is an ordained minister, an exorcist, a spiritual director and prayer minister for ritual abuse survivors. He is also the leader of the San Francisco Night Strike street ministry that works with the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes in one of the most dangerous areas of San Francisco. Michael is a missionary and has travelled the world learning about the occult and battling the supernatural. Michael has worked first hand in cursing breaking people around the world from native witchcraft and occult attacks. His ministry team M16 Ministries has been involved in over a thousand cases of demonic oppression, obsession and possession.

Michael's street ministry Night Strike, which he shares about in this book, has been featured on TBN 700 club. Michael has also been interviewed for a documentary on exorcists, by Dr. Jerry Johnston, 100 Huntley Street, of Crossroads Christian Communication in Canada. This was video was shot for a documentary project Dr. Jerry Jonston was working on about exorcists. Dr. Jerry Johnston also interviewed Roman Catholic Exorcist Father Gary Thomas and Christian Deliverance Minister Bob Larson for the project.

Michael has a passion for equipping people in spiritual warfare, prophetic ministry and street ministry. Actually, to Michael, all three of those ministries are intertwined and this is represented in his book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. This book is a unique book in that it discusses the authority, prophetic and spiritual discernment sides of this ministry that are dangerously left out of nearly all spiritual warfare books in print today. This a one of a kind book that we use to hand out to people we are ministering with to help them out of their severe attacks by the demonic. If you are living through a haunting, you need to understand your authority in Jesus Christ. This is not taught from the church pulpit.

Michael and his wife Lisa have a heart for ministering at New Age events to give them encounters with God. They have ministered to New Agers and pagans at festivals, expos, and Burning Man, and have given many people in these outreaches their first encounters with their creator. Michael is also passionate about mystical theology and has some works in progress on that and advance topics in exorcism.

Through Michael's prayer sessions with M16 Ministries, he has witnessed many supernatural wonders in battle with the occult. Michael's craziest and most memorable battles included times when spirits would set off fire alarms, objects would be flung in his house, he has witnessed levitation, and the weirdest of them all was teleportation. His battles with the occult has led him into the uncharted territory of ministry where angelic enmities are involved.

Michael lives in Northern California and this is the home base of operations for M16 Ministries.